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About Our Institutes

About Our International College

The Shree Ganesh group of institutes that runs an international school and a gurukul of English medium takes pride to enjoy 15 years versatile experience in the field of education with its principles of hard work, punctuality and honesty to better the educational lives of many more.

So far, it has enjoyed tremendous support of people by its genuine promise, “We, for the students.” The pathway to meet and fulfill expectations of students provide a fresh lease of life to them. Hence a number of students known as ‘Ganeshaites’ vows to take a giant leap to set new benchmark of excellence in future.

About Our Junior College

Shreeganesh Junior College is an integrated campus which conducts two year programme for IIT-JEE, AIIMS, NEET as well as Board preparation. Shreeganesh integrated campus provides college, classes, hostel and mess facilities under one roof; which enhances time for self study which improves result and reduces stress.

Shreeganesh works with three cardinal principles: conceptual clarity, structural thinking, logical problem solving. We are commited to educate the students beyond the confines of a classroom to make them better individual and develop their personalities, enabling them to face the challenges of the modern world!

Sports Department Achivement

Selected For Maharashtra Cricket Team

About Our Academic Planning

On the basis of students merit Shreeganesh Junior College divides the students in batches like as:

1. IIT (Mains + Advance)

IIT Mains+Advance is a two year integrated programme which covers 11th and 12th JEE (MAINS) and advanced syllabus.

2. Special NEET

Special Neet is a two year integrated programme which covers 11th and 12th Neet syllabus of selected students.


Neet is a two year integrated programme which covers eleventh and twelve Neet syllabus.

4. Board + CET

Two year programme based on board pattern include 11th board +12th Board + Cet Preparation + Crash course.

Board + CET + Sport +SSC

11th board +12th Board + District + Taluka Sports activity+ Staff Selection Commission + Army and Navy Preparatoin + Crash course.

Aims & Objectives

Shree Ganesh International School is a pioneer institute set with a view to help sincere & hardworking students from regional to national level at the pinnacle of competitive success.

It also nurtures a deep sense of human values through curricular and extracurricular activities.

This loyalty to work centric school is bound to excel in the potentials of students in order to shape bright educational future of emerging pillars of India.

Our moral values are linked to develop inborn qualities of children to achieve success in life.

Meritorious achievement of students is portrayed with positivity to draw inspiration from and such a basic is a must to overcome material hurdles to reach up a ladder of success in life.

What Our Student Says:

Supriya Karde

Shree Ganesh Coaching class gave me the turning point of my career. The institute is extremely cooperative. The entire staff not only teachers good but also all official staff is also too good, clears the problems of the students then & there itself. thinkshete sir and institute for guiding me through my junior collegeyears & lots ofwishesfor theirfuture.

C M.B.B.S., Grand Medical, Mumbai

Deepali B. Nimbalkar

First of all a would like to congratulate and thanks to whole staff of shree Ganesh Coaching Classes for impacting these many lives in a good way. They Guide us not only in academic but also in morals of our lives.Here not onlystudents butalso whole staff works hard to make our better in competition, Discipline & exams here will bring best out of you, If you follow each & every advice here. Library, study room, 24*7 guidences are things you should appreciate here.

Solutions, Tips & Tricks given in classes will teach you work smarter rather than work harder. I found myself luckywhen Ijoinedthis class. I was amazed by dedication in staff.And lam gracious to Mr. shete sir as he helped me staring from my first step (like selection of books) Tillselection of college and branch along with my family, I dedicate my success to shreeganesh coaching classes.

IBM India Pvt.Ltd. Banglore, India

From Directors Desk

SHREE GANESH has been set up with the mission to provide the best possible opportunities for pupils from rural areas to learn and cultivate habits that lead them to adopt positive attitudes to life and develop a deep sense of human values that will enable them to fulfill their potentials and contribute to the society and the economy.

We would like to help our children to explore their inner talents and potentials by providing appropriate stress free learning environment with quality education.

I sincerely hope that the Principal Mr. Rahul Valte along with his team shall undertake initiatives to further nurture and refine creative talents of young generations.

Prof. Vijay J. Shete


Shree Ganesh Education Society, Korhale