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About Our Education

Shree Ganesh is an integrated campus which conducts two year programme for IIT-JEE, AIIMS, NEET as well as Board preparation. Shreeganesh integrated campus provides college, classes, hostel and mess facilities under one roof; which enhances time for self study which improves result and reduces stress.

Shreeganesh methodology makes the students capable to creatively resolve complex and tricky problems by improving and sharpening their analytical skills and parallel thinking process.

Shreeganesh helps to improve the rank, evaluate one’s performance among peers, who are potential competitors. We feels that nothing can stop a students achieve their goal, if they get dedicated teachers.

Shreeganesh works with three cardinal principles: conceptual clarity, structural thinking, logical problem solving. We are commited to educate the students beyond the confines of a classroom to make them better individual and develop their personalities, enabling them to face the challenges of the modern world!


Our Moto

"Learning Today.....Leading Tomorrow"


To provide an excellent understanding of syllabus of 11th& 12th std. level, that will act as a solid foundation for higher studies in the field of science , engineering and medicine.


Our mission is to offer high quality education as well as total student satisfaction to costruct kowlege base and skillfull youth which help in nation reconstruction.


About Our Academic Planning

On the basis of students merit Shreeganesh Junior College divides the students in batches like as:

1.IIT Advance

IIT Advance is a two year integrated programme which covers eleventh and twelve JEE (MAIN) and advanced syllabus.

2.Special NEET

Special Neet is a two year integrated programme which covers eleventh and twelfth Neet syllabus of selected students.


JEE(Main)is a two year integrated programme which covers eleventh and twelve JEE (MAIN) syllabus.


Neet is a two year integrated programme which covers eleventh and twelve Neet syllabus.


Two year programme based on board pattern include 11board +12 Board + Cet Preparation + Crash course.

From Directors Desk

SHREE GANESH has been set up with the mission to provide the best possible opportunities for pupils from rural areas to learn and cultivate habits that lead them to adopt positive attitudes to life and develop a deep sense of human values that will enable them to fulfill their potentials and contribute to the society and the economy.

We would like to help our children to explore their inner talents and potentials by providing appropriate stress free learning environment with quality education.

I sincerely hope that the Principal Mr. Rahul Valte along with his team shall undertake initiatives to further nurture and refine creative talents of young generations.

Prof. Vijay J. Shete


Shree Ganesh Education Society, Korhale